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Adult Outpatient Department

“It is better to prevent diseases than to treat them” – this is the main principle which is at the heart of clinical examination. General clinical examination is the main achievement of soviet medicine, which was unfortunately lost by us and picked up by western medicine. Every man must know his level of sugar, cholesterol and main biochemical quotients. It is obligatory to make ECG and chest X-ray every year. Depending on age and gender some additional investigations are required. In our clinic you will get medical aid according to the standards of western medicine.

In everyday life turning to human services workers, first of all we trust their professionalism. The same is for medicine. We can guarantee you this confidence because our doctors have American license. For their prolonging and confirmation they must steadily perfect their knowledge and make special tests. Our doctors` prescriptions can always be checked on special sites in the Internet. In cases of divergence or doubt you have always a possibility to discuss with the doctor what caused this deviation from universally recognized treating methods.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that sensible combination of best achievements of native medicine and western medical standards always used to be a tradition of our clinic. Doctors of famous medical dynasties such as Myasnikov, Alekseev and Ryazanov are doing practice here. The detailed information about our doctors you can find on special references.

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