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Kolbasin Alexander

Dental orthopedics

Graduated from the Burdenko Voronezh State Academy. Residency in Orthopedic Dentistry in 2001-2003 the Central Research Institute of Stomatology of Moscow (CRIS) at the department of orthopedic odontology and implantology ( specialty- orthopedic dentistry).

In 2010 he defended his PhD thesis "Technique of complex protection of dental tissues and parodont after odontal dissection in the clinic of orthopedic dentistry" at the Voronezh State Academy of N. N. Burdenko Experienced in modern techniques of prosthesis microrepair (in-lays , veneers, metal free ceramics); repair of implant-supported prostheses ("Nobel", "Xive", "Alfa Bio", "Astra" and other implants.), including use of computerized 3-D modeling programs ("Nobel Guide"); removable prosthetic repair of all complexity levels (removable clasp prostheses, partial and fully removable prostheses, combined prostheses fixed on implants, etc.). Worked in the American medical center Medsi in 2007-2014. Regularly participates in scientific conferences, seminars and master classes in orthopedics, dental surgery and parodontology.

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